How Web Hosting Is Killing Digital Agencies

It’s not uncommon these days for digital marketing agencies to white-label web hosting services to their clients.

The motivation is simple, you get recurring income for web hosting and there’s very little to do.

Or so you think.

The reality is often VERY different, so much so that many agencies often struggle with their profitability because of the support issues relating to the web hosting they provide to their clients.

Why web hosting support sucks

Here’s what usually happens…

Your client has some kind of an issue with their web hosting that they need help with.

They call you since you’re the one charging them for the service.

Your team aren’t web hosting experts, so they have to jump on the phone and deal with the ACTUAL hosting company support, which is often offshore.

Waiting on hold
Who doesn’t love spending hours on the phone with support instead of actually working.

Every minute spent waiting on hold, or talking to chat support they’re not engaging in profit making activities for the agency.

Suddenly the additional income you thought you’d make by white-labelling the agency web hosting services is actually costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue as your team are forced to deal with support tasks.

Agency web hosting that actually works

Blacklabel hosting is designed specifically with agencies in mind.

We have over 20 years of web hosting experience which means you spend less time dealing with hosting support issues, and more time generating profits for your agency.

Talk to us to learn how we can help improve the performance of your digital marketing agency!

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