About Black Label Hosting

Hosting Migrations, Security & Malware Removal Specialists

Need help with your hosting migration? Why not leave it to the specialists.

We follow a comprehensive 28 point checklist with each client site migration to ensure the website is properly migrated, health checked, security hardened and performance tuned. Our specialists also review the site for malware, black-listing and security compromises and can take care of the cleanup as part of the migration work - so the site you host will be the best version of itself.

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Site Migration

Completely hassle free site migrations - just like any good concierge service, simply pass us the keys and we'll come back to you with a completed site move that takes care of all the hidden gotchas including cleanup of any legacy file paths, updating any old development or hard-coded URL references (ie to previous hosting providers), removal of redirection plugins and have your site URLs configured correctly.

Malware and Black List Scans

Hacked sites are terrible enough, yet alone suffering the potential fallout of having your website's online reputation impacted as a result of black listing. Don't risk leaving your site infected any longer than absolutely possible, as Black List removal can take months. If already infected then contact us immediately to help get your site back on the road to recovery right away!

Performance Tuned

A fast website means a better user experience for your customers. This is now both a ranking factor and something which studies have shown plays a direct and significant role in website conversion rates. While we can't perform miracles, our migration service does include a performance tuning of the website to try and squeeze out as much performance of your website as possible.

Health Check

We'll check over your site with a series of tool sets that will allow us to identify any issues such as Javascript conflicts which could be impacting your sites' functionality. We'll trace the website logs for issues and provide details of any issues which may require a developer to address.

Managed WP Maintenance

Separate to our hosting migration services, we also offer clients with an option to have us manage your website's core WP and (up-gradable) plugins. For more information on this service, see the Managed WP Maintenance page at our website.

Security Hardened

Prevention is always better than cure, which is why we implement a full security hardening of your website that takes care of user access, file security, penetration protection (via a web application firewall) and more. You'll also receive timely notifications in the event of any issues so you can take action promptly and before too much damage is done!

Site Cleanup and Reputation Management

Your online reputation is more than just your social media presence. Sites with reported malware or phishing scam issues quickly find themselves onto online Registered Black Lists (RBLs), and once there your customers will start to see security warnings when looking up your site in the search rankings, ISPs will block access to your website in the browser and your emails will begin to contain warnings about not trusting your business. We can help, but don't delay as time is of the essence when attending to these matters.

SSL Certificate

If your hosting provider supports Free SSL, we'll get this in place as part of the migration. External SSL certificates can also be setup upon request.